Welcome to Must Test, a Stone & Ice-World Server

You must test survival, upon the coldest sea.

Site News

You can check this webpage from month to month to see what’s new on the website! Updates to the server or game code are usually listed on the changelog page.

Note that the best place to get news about the server is on the server itself. Players with the Key of Citizenship item will receive important announcements about any significantly game-changing updates through an in-game mail system.

2016/12/20: Wrote initial forum post.
2016/12/22: Updated server information.
2017/7/1:   Launched DNS name & website, with all initial text copied from the forum post.
2017/7/2:   Added section on mapshrinking & new links to acknowledgments section & mods.
2017/7/2:   Edited text of most sections and added information where needed.
2017/7/3:   Added weekly server maps, including a huge surface map. View them here.
2017/7/3:   Added a player-facing chatlog. You can read it here.
2017/7/7:   Wrote page with description of Survivalist minigame.
2017/9/12:  Updated some text on this page.
2017/10/27: Added an automated restart script for the server. Finally! Also updated the description section a bit.
2017/10/30: Added a sled image.
2017/11/1:  Updated the ore hint to hopefully make it easier to understand. Also added a tip.
2017/11/7:  Added a page describing gameplay hints. Read it here.
2017/12/17: Removed tangential coding rant. Who needs to know that anyway, I wonder?
2017/12/30: Edited description to remove some information that was no longer correct.
2018/1/11:  Revamped website.
2018/1/12:  Updated the server rules. Clarified a few things.
2018/3/7:   Added a short section explaining the tidal EU generator on the tips page.
2018/3/9:   Added basic documentation about this server’s version of Technic.
2018/3/9:   The long-planned darkage rocks are finally added to the server via a new mapgen.
2018/3/14:  Added the FAQ page.
2018/3/25:  Updated some texts on the website; cleaned up the PoC description.
2018/8/9:   Fixed the maps page claiming that maps were being updated when they weren’t.
2018/11/25: Added a new, player-contributed map to the maps page.
2019/2/12:  Added code and scripts for a roaming zoom/pan map. Link on the nav panel.
2019/8/22:  Added a few items to the FAQ page.
2019/10/31: Added a tip on growing trees underground to the page with gameplay hints.