Enyekala (Must Test)—World Of Ice & Stone

You must test survival, upon the coldest sea.

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Read the server’s description here.


Must Test was originally inspired by just test — made by Andrey (lag). Thanks Andrey! :-)

lag - 2016/12/20

The original JT forum topic.

Credit also goes to maikerumine for creating the JT2 (JT2 @test@) server, and also to sorcerykid, who now owns and hosts it! Some ideas (including textures) have come from that server.

maikerumine - 2016/12/20
sorcerykid - 2016/12/20

JT2 forum topic.

The aforementioned maikerumine recorded a series of videos about this server. Thank you, maikerumine!
You can find the YouTube playlist here.

Finally, thanks to everyone who has built homes and bases on Must Test, and to everyone who has made their mark in its history.


Originally, and for its first year, this server was privately hosted on a decent laptop with 2 750GB Solid State Drives & 4 physical CPU cores with hyper-threading (for a total of 8 logical cores) @ 2.2 GHz. The OS was Kubuntu Linux 16.04 with lots of customizations. However, despite the fairly good processing power, internet bandwidth was severely limited (as is not unusual for a home connection). The server grew slowly and had only a few very dedicated players. Thanks to all of you who put up with it! Now, as of December of 2017, the server is being hosted on a Linux machine in a datacenter in New York, thanks to DigitalOcean.

The remaining text in this section is from the first year and is kept for nostalgia.

The server version (as of its first launch) was 0.4.14-dev. It is generally kept up-to-date with latest Git HEAD. You can see the latest changes to the Minetest engine here. You will generally need a recent client to be able to connect.

Server media is hosted remotely.

Important: THIS SERVER’S IP ADDRESS IS DYNAMIC. IT WILL CHANGE FROM TIME TO TIME. No IP address information is provided in this post because it will quickly go out of date within a few days. As of 2017/7/1, this server can also be reached at http://arklegacy.duckdns.org/. This is the perferred method of connecting, since you do not have to search for my IP address manually.

To find this server (the old way), go to http://servers.minetest.net and hit Ctrl+F (FireFox or Chrome) and search for Must Test. You will find its domain name address in the left-most column. If no entry appears then wait awhile, it will reappear soon. If the server is actually down for maintenance, I will post on the server’s forum topic saying so. :-) The port number (not displayed) is always the same: PORT 30000.

As of 2016-12-20, this server is 80 days old. The server was launched on Monday, October 1, 2016.