Enyekala (Must Test)—World Of Ice & Stone

You must test survival, upon the coldest sea.

Colony Law Book

Break the following rules at your own peril. If you’re caught the penalty may range from kick, to temporary ban, to permanent ban depending on the severity of the infraction. With that said, I will generally avoid intervening in anyone’s revenge/rage/griefing disputes. As long as a particular behavior does not harm the server’s availability, I prefer that people resolve stuff among themselves.

Most of the following are rules about behaviors that I’ll deal with if or when they’re reported to me, or I happen to discover them.

1) No spamming, swearing or cussing in the public chat. No public crudity or other perverse talk. If you go dating, keep it in PM -- don’t broadcast that stuff to the world.

2) Griefing of unprotected houses and PvP are permitted. To prevent griefing, protect your stuff! If you don’t enjoy PvP, you have a few gameplay options above and beyond use of a sword. But if you REALLY don’t like PvP, you should probably consider a server where PvP is optional or disabled.

3) Do not build over other players without permission. Do not build bridges through the sky. Floating structures, sky builds, and 1x1 towers will be removed (or moved to ground-level), often without notice if they’re discovered. Similarly, undermining other’s builds (causing them to float) is frowned on.

4) Do not ask for priviliges or free stuff. This is a PvP survival server. Everyone must get their own stuff.

5) Do not ask to be a moderator or an admin.

6) Don’t abuse the server, unless you enjoy getting your IP banned.

7) No doxxing, and never threaten to dox someone if they don’t agree with your politics. We aren’t CNN.

8) As much as possible, players keep attribution rights to whatever they build provided they protect it. So if you, as a server owner, wish to copy some builds from here, feel free to do so, but please be sure to include the builder’s handle/nick and the name of this server with your copy. You’ll also want to check out the source code for node definitions and suchlike.

9) Don’t build offensive structures. >:| Since whether something is offensive is highly subjective, this will hopefully clarify: I’ll consider a structure offensive if it celebrates death, or promotes drugs or other morally reprehensible behavior. Structures of this nature are subject to being trashed by a coterie of elite dungeon masters (EDMs).

10) No cheating in-game. If you get caught, you’ll be punished. I have creative ways of doing that.

11) Political speech is acceptable (and encouraged) as long as it doesn’t degenerate to cussing and riots. However, if your speech touches on any matter that is politically sensitive, or may become so in the future, then you are strongly advised to keep it in PM only. Societies tend not to learn the necessity of a statute of limitations on speech-retaliation by employers.

12) This Minetest server, hosted by me, will never be used for any commercial purpose.

The First Cheater

Sometime shortly after the founding of the Surface Colony back in 2016, a hardened cheater surfaced. The server logged evidence of ore-leeching† and ghosting‡. Upon her discovery by the admin, Melanie (that cheater!) was promptly sent to the place where kindling wood ain’t needed. (She rage-quit quite soon afterward.) Here, in the Nether City, lie the ancient bones of Melanie, the server’s first client-side hacker. Let cheaters take warning.

Citizens in good standing can see these bones for themselves by visiting the Nether City, as they have been memorialized.

Melanie’s Grave

† The act of mining ores at range without first mining the rock around them in order to search for the goods. A very destructive behavior, but fortunately it also happens to be very easy to detect. Don’t try this anywhere!

‡ In the usual lingo, means use of noclip. This is generally nothing more than an annoyance and would not (by itself) have resulted in banishment to the realm of fire.