Welcome to Must Test, a Stone & Ice-World Server

You must test survival, upon the coldest sea.

Welcome to Must Test, a Stone & Ice-World Server

Hello traveler. You have reached my ArkLegacy server! Point an official Minetest Client @ port 30000 to play. The server’s forum thread is here. The log of players’ public chat is here. You can see maps here.

If you don’t already have the Minetest client, then you can download it from http://minetest.net/. The client is free and contains NO ads. If you see ads, then you are not using the official client.

If you like this server and want to stay, then read about the Citizen Passport (often abbreviated “PoC”).

Server Description

This is inspired by lag’s original server, but is not a clone. Like the original my aim is for it to be user-moderated as much as possible, and players are provided various means of dealing with vagrants. Hackers and annoying CSM users will be PUNISHED. See the server rules for specifics. Occasionally I test new code and algorithms for fun and no profit.

This world is only suited for the hard-core: survival is difficult and the mobs are worse! Everyone can interact, so always protect your stuff if you value it. Damage & PvP are enabled.

The theme of this server is development and exploration. Exploration is very important for newcomers, and remains of value even to veteran players. This is how you find flowers and saplings at first, and later it’s how you find new ore deposits. You can make stone tools before you get your first tree by hunting for dry shrubs, which can be crafted into sticks, and by using your first pick to dig a few cobble. Watch out for the mobs! It is usually best to farm or explore during the day and mine at night, in order to avoid them. Be sure to check the craft-guide which is part of your inventory. Veteran players who have built their way up to better technology & tools will find that survival becomes easier and leads to better building.

There is a seasonal snowmelt & snowfall cycle, lasting 34 real-time days. Snow slows you down a little, and deep snow slows you down a lot, so you’ll want to plan your longest expeditions to take place in ‘summertime’. This is also the only time it is safe to travel on the surface at night, since the icemen will not come out to mob you. There is a calendar item which you can use to plan weather-dependent projects. You can also craft a sled to allow you to traverse the flat, empty wastes quickly, without leaving a trace.

Some cities are built on the water, and the people use boats. Must Test is built on the ice, so everyone uses a sled.

This server uses the Valleys mapgen, without any of the default biomes. The surface landscape far from civilization is nothing but ice and snow and stone, sometimes broken only by the occasional shelter others have built in order to survive. I value stability and continuity in terrain and cavegen as much as is possible, so the mapgen will never be changed to another. If something mapgen-related does break, here’s who you blame. :-)

Restart Schedule

As of October 27, 2017, I have finally gotten around to writing a restart script. The server will automatically restart every night at 06:00:00 UTC. (The restart might be a few seconds after 06:00:00 UTC due to script delays.) This is around 12:00 or 1:00 AM if you live in the U.S. (CST), depending on DST.

Typically the restart only takes a few seconds. On Sundays the server is down at this time for around 10 minutes in order to purge excess account data and generate the map images.