Enyekala (Must Test)—World Of Ice & Stone

You must test survival, upon the coldest sea.

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The Outback map is on its own page.

Information/Street Maps

Maps of important locations on the server; roads, shops, sites, etc., as contributed by players :-).

Street map of the Surface Colony by parasite, November 24, 2018. Source & other info.

Weekly Server Maps

Map of the Ice Colony - updated weekly.
Map of the Fire City - updated weekly.

Legacy Maps

The maps below are from before I added automatic map rendering.

Server Map - 2016/12/20
The earliest known map of the Surface Colony - 2016/10/8
All previous maps are from before I settled on using the Valleys mapgen.
Server Map - 2017/06/15

Full Scale Color Map

Also is a huge (6144x6144) map of the world’s surface, centered on the Surface Colony with a viewing radius of 3.072 kilometers. You can download this map here. This is a large image file; expect the download to take some time.


Some server operators occasionally run variations of a ‘mapshrink’ script over their server’s map, in order to reduce the amount of space the database uses in storage. Unfortunately all such scripts have a basic problem: it is not possible to determine exactly which parts of a servermap should be shrunk (i.e., deleted) and which parts should not. Additionally, removing parts of a map is proven to trigger the mapgen (rivergen, cavegen) to run a second time over nearby undeleted chunks, causing major griefing that has been observed to take out whole villages. I would not like to speculate what other general weirdness could possibly occur.

For this reason I have decided never to run any kind of mapshrink script on this world. I consider the changes (even minor ones) that players make to the world to be its history; a record of what happened before you found your way there. Even exploring the world tends to change it because the world is not perfectly static. Servers whose maps have been shrunk have lost or destroyed much of their history. They may tend to lack the feeling of nostalgia or discovery that I believe should be felt upon sojourning through an ancient world. This world isn’t ancient yet (2017/7/7), but it will get there ….

I do not believe the large map database will be an issue for me for the forseeable future. The database grows slowly enough that I should be able to keep up with it without any issues.

Addendum (2019/2/12): The map, currently stored in a PostgreSQL database, is around 25GB.

Addendum (2020/2/7): The map database is now 41GB. Woot!