Welcome to Must Test, a Stone & Ice-World Server

You must test survival, upon the coldest sea.


This server uses almost the entire Minetest Game, but heavily modified for improved survival challenge. Many additional mods are added. Some of these include (all modified from their originals and/or completely custom):

* Mobs (arrrrgh!)
* Hunger, Sprint & Stamina
* Diamond-Block Teleports
* Markers
* Dual Layer Nether
* Cursed World (obsidian gates)
* Flameportal
* Caverealms (using Valleys’ massive caverns)
* Bedrock (under the nether, not above it — yes, you can dig to the nether)
* Bandages
* Protectors
* Carts
* Moretrees (custom version)
* Moreores (yum, ores!)
* Moreblocks
* Mese Crystal Farming
* Technic-Style Machines (completely custom)
* Antisneak (no sneak-ladder ‘cheat’)
* 3D Armor & Wield3D
* Falling Nodes Extras
* … Many more

Full Modlist for Must Test

Well actually, this is just a directory listing. A lot of mod code is hidden in unlikely places. Organization? What’s that? I often can’t find something three months after I wrote it ….

3d_armor	    darkage		    itemburn	      refill
3d_armor_stand	    darkgen		    itemframes	      reload
admin_tnt	    default		    itempickup	      rename
afk_removal	    default_stairs	    itemstring	      rubber
akalin		    defenestrate	    jail	      sand
alatro		    depositor		    jarkati	      sandman
alloy_recipes	    dirtspread		    jumping	      sauth
ambiance	    distributer		    jungletree	      sawdust
anticurse	    dk_crafts		    kalite	      scaffolding
antisneak	    dk_reinforced	    key		      schematic_find
anvil		    dk_stairs		    kickall	      screwdriver
arol		    dk_walls		    kill	      serveressentials
auth2		    dm			    lapis	      sfn
bags		    doors		    lattice	      shears
bakedclay	    droplift		    lava	      sheep
bandages	    dryleaves		    lava_extras       sheriff
banned_names	    dumpnodes		    lavacooling       shields
barter_table	    dungeon_loot	    lbrim	      shout
basictools	    dusts		    lead	      signs
basictrees	    dye			    lightsplus	      silicon
battery		    dye_extracts	    lily_growth       simple_skins
bedrock		    easyvend		    luxore	      skeleton
beds		    echo		    machines	      sky
binoculars	    electric_alloy_furnace  mailbox	      sleds
blueberries	    electric_furnace	    mailgui	      snow
bluegrass	    email		    map		      snow_bricks
boats		    engraver		    mapfix	      snowscatter
bone_collector	    enhanced_leafdecay	    mapgen	      sprint
bonemeal	    exile		    maptools	      stack_filter
bones		    extra_stairs	    memorandum	      stainless_steel
books		    extra_walls		    mese_crystals     stairs
brass		    extractor		    mese_post	      starpearl
bronze		    falldamage		    mob_spawn	      status
bucket		    falling		    mobs	      stoneman
cable		    farming		    moreblocks	      sulfur
cans		    farming_redo	    morechests	      survivalist
carbon_steel	    fencelike		    moregrass	      switching_station
carrot		    fine_wire		    moreores	      talinite
carts		    fire		    morerocks	      techcrafts
cast_iron	    firetree		    moretrees	      teleports
castle_lighting     flameportal		    mossgrowth	      throwing
castle_masonry	    flint_and_steel	    motd	      tinderbox
cavegen		    flowerpot		    mr_extra	      titanium
cavestuff	    flowerpot_ex	    mtflower	      tnt
centrifuge	    flowers		    nethermapgen      tomato
centrifuge_recipes  fortress		    nethervine	      tooldata
chains		    fruitscatter	    network_whois     toolranks
charcoal	    gauges		    networks	      torches
chat_colorize	    gdac		    node_blackout     torchmelt
chat_controls	    gdac_invis		    nodeupdate	      transformer
chat_core	    gem_cutter		    nyancat	      trash
chat_echo	    gem_mapgen		    obsidian_gateway  tree_tap
chat_logging	    gem_minerals	    obsidianmonster   trunkgen
chest_api	    gem_tools		    oerkki	      uranium
chests		    generator		    oregen	      utility
chromium	    geothermal_generator    papyrus_bed       vessels
circular_saw	    ghost_stone		    passport	      vine_extract
city_block	    give_initial_stuff	    plastic	      vines
clear_inventory     glowstone		    player	      voidchest
clock		    golem		    player_labels     voidstone
clumpfall	    griefer		    potatoes	      wallplaster
coal_alloy_furnace  grinder		    preload_tp	      walls
cobble_bomb	    grinder_fuel	    privs	      warthog
cobble_furnace	    guicolors		    protector	      welcome_msg
colony		    handholds		    pumpkin	      whitestone
command_tokens	    hb4			    quartz	      wield3d
commandtools	    heal		    quartz_ex	      wieldhand
compressor	    heatdamage		    rackstone	      wool
concrete	    hud			    randspawn	      wool_slabs
configurator	    hunger		    raspberries       worldedit
controler	    ice			    rat		      xban2
converter	    iceman		    rc		      xdecor
coresounds	    icicle_farming	    readexec	      xp
craft_register	    injector		    real_torch	      xpanes
cucumber	    instability		    reboot	      zcg
currency	    integration		    recall	      zinc
cw		    inventory_plus	    redshroom