Enyekala (Must Test)—World Of Ice & Stone

You must test survival, upon the coldest sea.


To players: feel free to send me in-game “emails” about bugs and problems you encounter. However, know that I only rarely respond to emails; if you just have a question you’ll be better off asking someone else who plays here. :-) If you have a problem or something is wrong that you can’t fix, make sure to include the map coordinates where the problem is located. I can’t fix what I can’t find.

To send in-game “email”, just connect a Minetest client to this server (port 30000) and use a passport to access the in-game mail interface (this requires that you’ve played enough to get one). Put MustTest in the “Send To” field. I will (usually) see it whenever I next logon to the server.

You can also post on the server’s forum topic. It may take me a while to notice new posts, though.

© 2017-present by MustTest | Legal stuff: I make no money from running the minetest server or this website. It should be extremely obvious that this site is not associated with any group. Most stuff here is mine except for the leaflet-based map code and some player-contributed content. Some things—mainly screenshots—include elements that were created by others. All the Lua mods that run on this sever had an open-source license at the time I obtained them, or were written by me from scratch. If you want to see the code for something, feel free to send a request, but keep in mind that every mod used here calls the functions of other mods, so extracting a mod for the purpose of using it elsewhere is very difficult. Finally, everything on this site pertains to a fictional voxel world and is not to be construed as advice for your life (and if you need to be told this, you might need help).